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Why use Professional Photos on your web site?

The other day I was about to order pizza for a bunch of primary school children. I normally don’t order pizza, but that was the demand of a bunch of kids, and I could not withstand the pressure. I searched the web for local pizzerias. There were two that were equally priced, and fairly highly rated by a significant number of customers. Which one was I to pick? Then I went on the two web sites, and the choice became very clear. One had professional pictures of beautiful pizzas, calzones and other Italian delicacies. The other had poor quality pictures […]

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You have built your web site. Now what?

Now you need traffic. Your sales will not increase unless your site generates significant traffic. Your potential customers need to see and understand your products, services and capabilities. How do you generate traffic? 1.     Publish new materials such as blogs on a regular basis. Blog a few times a week – just put down some thoughts, useful and practical hints, interesting facts about your products or services and potential benefits will generate additional views. It’s very simple: The more you post – the more traffic you will generate! 2.     Search Engine Optimization is of the utmost importance. Using WordPress gives you the […]

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SEO friendly website

At a business dinner last night, several business owners were complaining about lack of web traffic on their sites. In our experience, there are three main reasons why web traffic is poor, or potential customers leave the web site quickly: 1. Your web site is too slow. If your home page takes more than a couple seconds to load, people will just click elsewhere, or go to your competitors’ web site. Slow loading pages is the top reason for lack of web traffic. 2. Your content is stale. Your competition is constantly improving, and so should you. Never rest on [...]
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Achieve a great return on investment

Chances are your local Joe’s Pizza makes a delicious pizza, delivered hot to you, far better than Domino’s. Yet Domino’s sells billions of dollars of pizza, while poor Joe can barely make ends meet. Have you ever thought why that is? Check out Dominos robust web site and you will see why. Lots of pictures, coupons, colors and menus to entice the consumer and make them get several pies, not just one. A robust web site is a small investment any business should be able to make to achieve a great return on investment and quickly increase revenues. Contact us [...]
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Automate sales via your website

Today’s inexpensive, highly customizable tools help you automate sales via your website while you are sitting on your couch enjoying your favorite Netflix show. There are just not enough hours in a day for you to reach all your potential clients and even existing customers. Even a static, informative web site will help you display your products and services, thus avoiding giving the same pitch for every inquiry. A few beautiful renderings that represent your merchandise or your final customer deliverables will go a long way to increase sales. Contact us to help us boost your sales and establish a [...]
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Sell products at any time automatically

Your web site is on-line and accessible 24 hours a day, providing your potential clients easy access to your company assets, previous projects, customer reviews and recommendations, and other additional information. You no longer need to speak to your prospective clients directly during off-hours. Your web site should be a great resource of information for everyone. It can sell products at any time automatically, without incurring administrative costs. Potential customers contact should not be restricted to business hours. Instead, they can go online and purchase products whenever they want. A website with an online shop can provide a dramatic boost [...]
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Your company’s Web presence is extremely important

Before doing business with any company, consumers look at their web sites to see if they are legitimate, their reviews, and what the business offers. Many consumers refuse to do business with anyone without web presence. An old, outdated, slow Web site will also result in lost potential customers to your competitors. Today is easier than ever to establish your business web site relatively quickly without a sizeable investment. There are many automated tools to bring your web presence to the current standards, with Search Engine Optimization and quick response times. Things such as too high image resolution, poor fonts, [...]
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